Liquid Motors Experiences Continued Record Growth for the Multi-Listing Wholesale Remarketing Service

Dallas, TX November 10, 2014

Liquid Motors experiences continued record growth for the Multi-Listing Wholesale Remarketing Service for commercial accounts, auto auctions and auto dealerships. In the past 2 months, Liquid Motors’s customers have listed nearly 100,000 vehicles resulting in close to 25,000 vehicle sales.

"We are very pleased with the volume and sales results the past few months." said Michael Daseke, President and CEO of Liquid Motors. "Commercial accounts have out paced the growth of other segments the past year but we are seeing strong growth in the auto auction and dealer segments as well."

Liquid Motors' One-Click Wholesale Remarketing Service allows commercial accounts to market their upstream vehicles on all major marketplaces simultaneously as well as leverage their own private websites. Auto auctions using the service are able to list their no sales and their dealer’s aged units with significantly reduced effort while minimizing the risk of a double sale while garnering maximum exposure. Auto dealers can leverage this service to simultaneously list their aged vehicles for retail and wholesale at the same time with minimal effort. The service reduces the effort of doing condition reports and listing vehicles and increases the exposure for all vehicles increasing the probability of selling the vehicle with an increased sales price.

"We will be launching support multiple new marketplaces over the coming months which should further improve the sales results for our customers due to additional exposure." said Michael Daseke "Further, we expect a big uptick in dealer listings over the next 12 months with the expected impact of increasing used vehicle supply on dealer inventories and because of new strategic relationships."

To get more information about the Multi-Listing Wholesale Remarketing Service or to schedule a demo, call 877-573-6877.

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Liquid Motors Inc., a Dallas, Texas based corporation, offers the automotive industry a comprehensive Internet marketing solution designed to maximize exposure and lead generation. We provide wholesale merchandising software services to dealers, independent auctions and consignors to reduce the effort to market their vehicles and garner more exposure on the Internet. For dealers, industry partners and OEM manufacturers, we deliver a variety of software services that create a competitive advantage in their retail vehicle merchandising by generating and capturing more cost effective Internet leads using no-cost Internet classifieds, eBay auctions and listings, leading pay classifieds and dealer websites through the implementation of strategic integration, pricing analysis, search optimization and marketing, and compelling multimedia.

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