Liquid Motors and WeGoLook® Announce Partnership, Combining On-Demand Condition Reports with Industry-leading Auto Remarketing Solutions.

Dallas, TX November 9, 2017

Liquid Motors, a provider of comprehensive internet marketing solutions to the automotive industry, and WeGoLook®, an on-demand workforce solutions provider and subsidiary of Crawford & Company®, today announced a new partnership designed to combine Liquid Motors’ industry-leading, flexible, auto marketing and remarketing solutions with WeGoLook’s on-demand, in-person auto condition inspections and reports.

The partnership will allow Liquid Motors customers — including individual consumers, auto dealerships, wholesalers, independent auctions, and more — to order verified, third-party condition reports that can be completed onsite at any time and in any location across the United States within a matter of hours or days. The data and images captured by WeGoLook will then be instantly leveraged within Liquid Motors’ platform to easily market or remarket vehicles through any of Liquid Motors’ connected sites.

Through the new partnership and technical integration, customers will be able to connect a Liquid Motors account with an associated WeGoLook account to facilitate seamless ordering and delivery of inspections and condition reports on vehicles they are marketing or remarketing. When an order for a condition report is placed through the Liquid Motors platform, WeGoLook will immediately dispatch one of its more than 30,000 independent contractors (called “Lookers”) to visit the vehicle onsite and capture the needed imagery and information via the WeGoLook mobile app. This captured data will be instantly transmitted back to the Liquid Motors platform, combined with Liquid Motors’ vehicle data, and automatically listed across any number of supported websites for auction or sale.

“We’re very excited to bring on-demand vehicle inspections to the Liquid Motors platform and to improve efficiencies for auto remarketers everywhere,” said Robin Smith, CEO of WeGoLook. “I know that customers are going to be thrilled not only by the quality and consistency of our vehicle inspections but also with the speed and scale at which we can deliver them.”

WeGoLook’s nationwide network of Lookers allows it to complete onsite inspections anywhere across the U.S. much faster and at a significantly lower cost than through traditional providers. With over 30,000 Lookers, WeGoLook scales rapidly to accommodate surges in demand. Plus, because WeGoLook offers services that are truly on demand, it accommodates one-off requests rather than enforcing order minimums.

“This is a big win for remarketers and others in the automotive industry,” says Michael Daseke, CEO of Liquid Motors. “Through Liquid Motors and WeGoLook, auto marketers and remarketers will have access to a complete suite of industry-leading tools that delivers value in speed, scalability, and cost.”

The companies are working through the final phases of integration and expect to launch their integrated solution by Q1 of 2018.

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Founded in 2009, WeGoLook combines technology with an on-demand workforce of over 30,000 Lookers to help businesses and individuals gather and validate information anytime, anywhere. From simple inspections to enterprise solutions, WeGoLook’s products build confidence in consumers and empower businesses to improve efficiencies while lowering costs. In 2017, a majority stake was acquired by Crawford & Company. For more information, please visit

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