One Click Wholesale gives automotive dealers the ability to expose their wholesale inventory on all of the major online wholesale auction websites. Your inventory is loaded into the One Click Wholesale Portal. You control individually which cars get launched to which sites. There is no need to manage your inventory in multiple sites.
  • Single launch to all major online wholesale auctions
  • No need to manually list vehicles
  • Save Valuable Time - Automated Listing and Relisting capability
  • Automated Listing Management to prevent double sales
  • Reduce Employee Cost - Better Efficiency
  • Common Condition Report for all auction sites
LiquidConnect is a mobile application that empowers dealers, independent auto auctions and inspection companies to perform vehicle data collection, update pricing, capture vehicle photos and input vehicle condition data.
General Features
  • Runs on any Jelly Bean (4.1+) Android handheld device - however we strongly recommend the Samsung Galaxy Camera 16 MP with flash and 21x zoom
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Capture vehicle data by scanning VIN, search existing inventory or entering it manually
  • Full VIN explosion for correct merchandising of vehicle options and equipment
  • Input and Update vehicle information including pricing
  • Works online or offline and Data and photos sync over Wifi or 4G/3G* once connected
Retail Merchandising Features
  • Capture Unlimited Vehicle Photos
  • Print Window Stickers and Buyers Guides to a Bluetooth printer
Wholesale Merchandising Features
  • Gather Vehicle Condition Data
  • Take Damage Photos
LiquidConnect provides a quick and easy solution to gather the vehicle information necessary for merchandising inventory on Internet retail marketplaces and on most major Internet wholesale marketplaces.
For more information or to schedule a demo please call 877-573-6877 or email us at
*data rates apply
Is your used car department wholesaling inventory to other dealers? Are you a dealer group that trades cars between stores and needs better control? Would you like to create your own private website to offer your inventory to dealers you choose to be in your network? Then Dealer Trade Center could be the right answer for you.
  • Private Dealer Marketplace to offer your wholesale inventory to dealers you authorize to be in your network
  • Utilizes "Buy Now" and "Make an Offer" functionality
  • Supports Counter Offers
  • CarFax Integration