Over the past several years, commercial consignors have leveraged the Internet to sell upstream vehicles on the major wholesale marketplaces and on private websites. Many of the consignors only market their upstream vehicles on a single marketplace or they pick between the marketplaces for each vehicle. Liquid Motors' One-Click Wholesale allows consignors to market their upstream vehicles on all major marketplaces simultaneously as well as leverage their own private websites. This capability reduces the effort of selecting which marketplace to list the vehicles on as well as the risk of picking the wrong marketplace and increases the exposure for all vehicles increasing the probability of selling the vehicle upstream. The consignors are in complete control of where their inventory is marketed and how long it is marketed on each marketplace.
  • Single launch to all major online wholesale auctions
  • Auto-Launch Rules to dictate which marketplaces, when and at what price
  • Integration with most major inspection companies for Inspection Reports
  • Easy data integration with Consignors
  • Integration to commercial consignor private websites
LiquidConnect is a mobile application that empowers dealers, independent auto auctions and inspection companies to perform vehicle data collection, update pricing, capture vehicle photos and input vehicle condition data.
General Features
  • Runs on any Jelly Bean (4.1+) Android handheld device - however we strongly recommend the Samsung Galaxy Camera 16 MP with flash and 21x zoom
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Capture vehicle data by scanning VIN, search existing inventory or entering it manually
  • Full VIN explosion for correct merchandising of vehicle options and equipment
  • Input and Update vehicle information including pricing
  • Works online or offline and Data and photos sync over Wifi or 4G/3G* once connected
Retail Merchandising Features
  • Capture Unlimited Vehicle Photos
  • Print Window Stickers and Buyers Guides to a Bluetooth printer
Wholesale Merchandising Features
  • Gather Vehicle Condition Data
  • Take Damage Photos
LiquidConnect provides a quick and easy solution to gather the vehicle information necessary for merchandising inventory on Internet retail marketplaces and on most major Internet wholesale marketplaces.
For more information or to schedule a demo please call 877-573-6877 or email us at sales@liquidmotors.com.
*data rates apply
Liquid Motors has been helping dealers be successful selling cars on retail platforms. Making your inventory stand out gives you the competitive advantage. Our Dynamic Photo overlays allow you to brand each photo with graphics that will make them "pop" off the page. The auction can brand each photo with its choice of overlay. This can include consignor branding or auction branding.
  • Custom Graphics Allowing You to Brand your Auction and Consignors
  • Make Your Images Stand Out Versus the Competition