LiquidConnect is a mobile application that empowers dealers, independent auto auctions and inspection companies to perform vehicle data collection, update pricing, capture vehicle photos and input vehicle condition data.
General Features
  • Runs on any Jelly Bean (4.1+) Android handheld device - however we strongly recommend the Samsung Galaxy Camera 16 MP with flash and 21x zoom
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Capture vehicle data by scanning VIN, search existing inventory or entering it manually
  • Full VIN explosion for correct merchandising of vehicle options and equipment
  • Input and Update vehicle information including pricing
  • Works online or offline and Data and photos sync over Wifi or 4G/3G* once connected
Retail Merchandising Features
  • Capture Unlimited Vehicle Photos
  • Print Window Stickers and Buyers Guides to a Bluetooth printer
Wholesale Merchandising Features
  • Gather Vehicle Condition Data
  • Take Damage Photos
LiquidConnect provides a quick and easy solution to gather the vehicle information necessary for merchandising inventory on Internet retail marketplaces and on most major Internet wholesale marketplaces.
For more information or to schedule a demo please call 877-573-6877 or email us at
*data rates apply
Accuracy, timeliness and site specific content builds consumer trust and confidence. Use of the Liquid Motors AccuData Inventory Management solution will result in faster listing of vehicles, higher page views of your vehicles, and more Internet leads.
  • Enhance your inventory for greater exposure and customer response
  • All-inclusive digital marketing platform - one place to train and one company to call
  • Consolidate inventory data from multiple sources
  • Checks and balances to ensure inventory accuracy and completeness
  • Filters, controls and preferences for customization to each Internet destination
  • Distribute inventory to many different destinations with validation for accuracy
The Optimal Merchandising Generator service generates vehicle descriptions for both new and pre-owned vehicles when the vehicles are added to the system. The generated description is created using information about the vehicle from numerous sources including vehicle specific data such as mileage, colors, and options, standard features that come on the vehicle, warranty information, CARFAX information, 3rd party reviews of the vehicle and industry awards the vehicle has won.

Users can update the generated descriptions if they want to add additional information about the vehicle. If any of the data about the vehicle is updated in the system, the generated description will be updated so long as the generated description has not been modified by a user.

The major benefits of this service are reduced costs as no labor is required to write descriptions, all vehicles will have descriptions providing a consistent shopping experience for prospective customers of your dealership, and all descriptions will have proper spelling and grammar providing a more professional image for the dealership.

Dynamic Photo Overlays allow dealers to not only add their name and logo to photos but also display a unique phone number for each listing location. Utilizing the Photo Overlay software feature, dealers are able to track where leads are generated and able to calculate their return on investment; all while taking advantage of the brand and search-highlighting photo overlays provide.
  • Create a dynamic overlay for each destination
  • Track ROI with unique phone numbers per destination
  • Market brand image on Dynamic Photo Overlays
Liquid Motors Window Sticker System prints high quality window stickers and buyers guides with the click of a button.
  • Customization to ensure dealership color, branding and image
  • Information comes from our systems stored inventory data
  • Supports adding marketing information such as certificate information, CARFAX One Owner and VIN specific vehicle history summary
As one of the few eBay Motors Preferred Solution Providers, Liquid Motors offers the most feature-rich automotive Internet marketing platform for dealers to sell on eBay Motors. With Liquid Motors' Unlimited eBay Service which builds great Local and National Market eBay Motors listings and captures and manages communications with bidders and prospects, dealers are poised for success.
  • Inventory polling from top DMS System Providers
  • Unlimited photos via automated or manual photo import
  • Variety of listing template formats with support for custom templates
  • VIN explosion for detailed vehicle descriptions
  • Over 400 banners with support for custom banners
  • SEO Optimized title and description generators to increase page views
  • Support for store categories including custom defined categories
  • Complete listing management to update listings, respond to questions and accept or decline offers.
  • Lead management to capture all leads from offers, emails and calls
  • Automated re-list of vehicles
There are an ever increasing number of free classified websites for the auto industry. Leveraging these no-cost vehicle classifieds for leads can be the most cost-effective auto Internet Marketing a dealer can implement. Liquid Motors No Cost Classified Marketing System provides tools to reduce the effort to generate search engine optimized, compelling listings on automotive Internet Marketing sites.
Major classified websites such as and can be a great source for leads.
Liquid Motors Classified Marketing System provides:
  • Ability to deliver inventory to paid classified sites
  • All major paid classifieds and many smaller national/regional sites
  • Detailed reporting on what vehicles are being sent to auto Internet marketing sites
  • Quickly ensure inventory is being advertised timely and accutately
With more than 80% of car buyers starting their search for a vehicle on the Internet, researching what car to buy and pricing those cars, it is critical to price your vehicles competitively.
The Liquid Motors Pricing Analysis System:
  • Allows car dealers to quickly compare their vehicle pricing to the Internet marketplace
  • Easily identify vehicles that are priced out of target range, either too high or too low
  • Re-price cars in a single step
  • Accurate vehicle matching system
  • Compare your cars to similar cars, apples-to-apples comparison
  • Drill-down to see the competitive cars
Whether your dealership is looking for full service for data collection or you want a self-service solution, Liquid Motors has the optimal solution for your dealership.
Self Service
For dealers who want to perform their own service for data collection, photography and window stickers, Liquid Motors provides an efficient and easy-to-use solution to dealers to reduce the cost of collecting vehicle information and to expedite the data collection process.
  • Unlimited photos
  • Easily and efficiently print window stickers and buyers guides with data collection
  • Immediate distribution to Internet marketing sites
  • Optional touch screen tablet with VIN barcode scanner
  • PhotoMatch technology to match photo with vehicle
  • Simple synchronization process updates vehicle direct to Liquid Motors portal
Full Service
Liquid Motors has partnered with DiamondLot, a leading onsite dealer services company, to provide data collection, photo, video and window sticker services for our dealers wanting a full service solution. DiamondLot offers dealers across the United States the following services:
  • Manufacturer specific vehicle data collection
  • Professional vehicle photography with custom overlays to make photos stand out and provide contact information
  • Custom Designed Window Stickers and Buyers Guides
  • Multiple store visits a week (volume and price based)

DiamondLot is powered by our industy leading technology for all their dealer services.

Liquid Motors Enhanced Vehicle Video Service generates compelling videos from the vehicle photos and detailed vehicle data.
The Liquid Motors Enhanced Vehicle Video Service features:
  • Multiple voice-over choices
  • Multiple background music choices
  • Custom intro's and outro's
  • Videos distributed to Internet marketing websites, such as,, eBay, Craigslist, Dealer Website and many more
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube

Videos catch the buyer's attention and create the impulse needed to contact or visit the dealership. According to 55% of consumers, vehicle videos make them more likely to purchase a vehicle.

Effective lead management is critical to ensure that all leads are followed up and that the dealer is maximizing their investment in automotive Internet marketing.
  • Provide lead allocation to salespersons
  • Activity planner to track lead follow-up
  • Auto-responders by lead type
  • Notifications to alert new leads
  • Tracking by lead source to track ROI on auto Internet marketing campaigns
Activity Planner
The Activity Planner provides the organization necessary to ensure sales people respond to all leads and remember to follow-up throughout the sales cycle.
  • Send emails with e-Brochures
  • Videos and CARFAX links using a library of compelling templates
  • Add notes from a phone conversation and schedule follow-up activities

Internet department managers can view sales personnel workloads, evaluate their phone and email skills and get an overall picture of the performance of their department.

Cross Seller Inventory Match
73% of car buyers buy a different vehicle than the vehicle they are inquiring about.
  • Automatically matches a prospect's desired vehicles to current inventory
  • Changes to inventory or the prospect's desired vehicles profile triggers Cross Seller to look for matches
  • The salesperson will be prompted to contact the prospect regarding a new match

This feature drives more sales by cross selling and completes the cross check for you.

CARFAX Vehicle History Reports provide valuable information to dealers to help them market their vehicles and provide consumers valuable information to increase confidence and peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle.

Liquid Motors has integrated CARFAX vehicle history information into the Inventory Management System and the Pricing Analysis System to help dealers determine how to market vehicles.

One Owner and Buyback Guarantee vehicles are highlighted as they are more desirable and command a premium price. Additionally, dealers can purchase CARFAX reports directly from within the system at time of acquisition or time of marketing.